Training in the mining sector with CFMPL
Par Ibrahima DIALLO
25 December 2023 / 16:07

Senegal's subsoil harbors significant mining potential. It is dominated by the great varietý of mineral riches such as phosphates and their derivatives (fertilizers and acids), building materials (sand, cement, stone brick, clay etc.).

To dig, load and transport these ores and raw minerals, the Senegalese mining sector needs skilled, heavy-duty mining equipment operators who drive heavy equipment such as dump trucks, loaders and excavators.

It is in this context that the CFMPL has an exclusive offer for the qualification, certification and recertification of operators of all types of machinery (mining, agricultural, forestry, lifting, etc.).

What's more, the metals and minerals mining industry is highly competitive and subject to the volatility of raw material prices.

Competitive advantage lies in the ability to continuously optimize operating costs and maintain operations with a constant flow of production data such as fuels, lubricants and chemicals. These products are stored in different sized tanks and need to be handled with care.

To this end, the CFMPL is involved in the entire logistics chain, in particular: inventory management, supply management, handling and storage of products and hazardous materials, etc.

Contact: Tel: (+221) 76 450 80 03 / (+221) 33 832 89 77 Email: Address: Rocade Fann Bel Air, Dakar Senegal

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