Menzies switches to biodegradable packaging for freight operations
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Par Ibrahima DIALLO
20 December 2023 / 16:12

Ground handling company Menzies Aviation will switch to biodegradable packaging from BioNatur Plastics for its cargo operations as part of efforts to reduce plastic waste.

The biodegradable plastic will initially be used in its cargo operations at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and Miami International Airport (MIA).

The handler said the change will reduce long-term plastic waste by more than 5 million water bottles each year.

"Plans to continue rolling out sustainable equipment will follow across all freight operations in the US, as well as in Europe and the UK," said the handler.

The packaging is fully recyclable in normal waste collection streams and biodegradable in a landfill environment, accelerating the process from 1,000 years to less than 8 to 12 years.

Its developers say it leaves no trace of microplastics when the product degrades, reducing dependence on fossil fuel-based plastics.

Katy Reid, Head of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility at Menzies Aviation, said, "Waste is a top priority for many of our stakeholders, and the introduction of BioNatur will not only help make our freight operations more sustainable, but also ensure that we work in partnership with our customers to achieve their own ESG objectives.

"Our freight operations use a variety of packaging materials and our priority is to continue to reduce the volume of plastic use and waste, increase recycling and source materials that minimize any impact on the environment.

The adoption of BioNatur represents a key milestone for our freight operations as we continue to develop our business in a responsible and sustainable way.

Menzies' use of BioNatur Plastics is part of the company's sustainability plan, which includes science-based targets to achieve carbon neutrality in scopes 1, 2 and 3 by 2045.

"The deployment of biodegradable cargo packaging aligns with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12, which encourages more sustainable consumption and production patterns," the company added.

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