XPO deploys reverse last-mile delivery to support a circular economy and complement its Last Mile service solutions
Par Ibrahima DIALLO
15 November 2023 / 14:58

XPO, one of Europe's leading providers of innovative and sustainable transport and logistics solutions, has deployed a new last-mile reverse delivery service in France, taking back heavy and bulky products from private customers for after-sales repair or reconditioning for resale.

Initially developed for a major sports equipment retailer, this solution meets the needs of a growing number of consumers who do not wish to buy new products, but prefer to opt for second-hand equipment or for the repair services offered by retail chains.

Through this service, XPO Logistics collects electric bikes or bulky fitness equipment from consumers' homes on behalf of its customer, and transports them to the nearest XPO distribution center. From there, they are transported through XPO's nationwide network of branches to one of the company's collection centers, where they are reconditioned for resale or recycling.

At the same time, XPO Logistics collects other bulky products requiring after-sales service, such as ping-pong tables and trampolines. To reduce the carbon footprint of these operations in the Lyon and Villeurbanne conurbations, XPO has teamed up with Fends La Bise, a carrier with high-capacity cargo bikes, specializing in bicycle delivery in urban areas.

In the run-up to Black Friday, XPO Logistics is preparing to transport increasing volumes of products for its retail and specialist retail customers, particularly in the furniture, decoration, home equipment, DIY and gardening sectors.

The company makes available its capacity resources, with a national network of palletized distribution and last-mile delivery, its specialized, alternative-fuel fleet, and the expertise of its teams to design tailor-made last-mile delivery solutions for B2B and B2C companies.

XPO Logistics regularly develops solutions to reduce the environmental impact of its transport and logistics operations, promote a circular economy and meet the highest expectations of its customers.

The recent deployment of last-mile reverse delivery is a concrete example of this commitment, as are XPO's investments in an alternative-fuel fleet, multimodal transport solutions, its LESS® (Low Emissions Sustainable Solution) and its truck reconditioning program.

Frédéric Aziron, Director of Palletized and Last-Mile Distribution - France, XPO Logistics, comments: "We have developed a new last-mile delivery model that demonstrates our ability to meet the challenges of our customers, whatever they may be. This solution is both innovative and agile enough to adapt to their needs.

The fact that it contributes to a circular economy is an additional source of pride for us, and is consistent with our continuous progress approach to reducing the environmental impact of our sector."

In Europe, XPO is a leader in supply chain innovation, offering end-to-end logistics solutions combining truckload, less-than-truckload, pallet, last-mile, global forwarding and warehousing services. The company tailors its solutions to the specific needs of customers in a wide range of industrial and consumer goods sectors.

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