Walden Group: Europe's leading supply chain partner
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Par Ibrahima DIALLO
3 December 2023 / 12:13

Specializing in pharmaceutical logistics and express transport in Europe, Walden Group, guided by Stéphane Baudry, is distinguished by impressive growth and a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.

From pharmaceutical distribution to the supply chain

The Walden Group, founded in 1951, is a renowned family business that has established itself as a leader in pharmaceutical logistics and express transport in Europe. With a workforce of over 6,000 in 16 countries and sales of 2.6 billion euros by 2022, the Group is renowned for its impressive business growth.

Historically specialized in pharmaceutical distribution, Walden has diversified its services by embracing express transport to reinforce its public health mission, guaranteeing fast, efficient delivery to the patient.

This diversification has also seen the company expand into other sectors, such as the delivery of spare parts. But Walden does not limit itself to warehousing and logistics; it also offers value-added services such as laboratory quality control and pharmacovigilance, underlining its contribution to a wider public health mission.

The company has multiplied its size by 300 in less than ten years thanks to a reverse takeover strategy, being integrated by the acquired companies.

A group committed to environmental sustainability

Walden Group is not just a market leader: it's a company deeply committed to environmental sustainability. This vision is embodied in the Group's new nomenclature, inspired by Thoreau's book Walden or Life in the Woods, and reflects a deep commitment to environmental values.

The Group doesn't just talk the talk, but translates its convictions into action, measuring the impact of its activities via external bodies.

Walden's environmental strategy ranges from investing in renewable energies, to optimizing delivery routes using artificial intelligence, to decarbonizing its fleets.

The group has also strengthened its commitment by acquiring the Relais Colis company, in order to promote relay deliveries to the detriment of home deliveries and thus reduce the overall carbon footprint. Walden is a perfect example of a business model where economic efficiency and respect for the environment go hand in hand.

An ambitious group ready to take on new challenges

Faced with the challenges of tomorrow, Walden Group has no shortage of ambition. After expanding into the European market, the group is moving towards a global reach, with transatlantic development in its sights.

In addition, its experts keep a close eye on market developments. With the increasing digitization of the patient journey and e-commerce, Walden is adapting its services to remain at the forefront of the market, as demonstrated by the creation of Walden Digital, its technological arm dedicated to innovation in business tools and the connection of complex supply chain ecosystems. A positioning that also contributes to sovereignty in terms of access to healthcare for populations.

Walden Group remains conscious of the human role at the heart of its development. The Group nurtures a corporate culture that values integrity, respect and, above all, joy in the workplace, essential for professional fulfillment.

These principles have enabled him not only to prosper economically, but also to build a company where people enjoy working.

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