Nigeria: the government plans to invest 23.1 billion naira to modernize airport facilities in 2024
Par Ibrahima DIALLO
27 December 2023 / 09:18

While waiting to attract more foreign investment for its major works at the country's main airports, Nigeria wants to continue upgrading their facilities using its own funds.

In 2024, the Nigerian government plans to invest almost 23.1 billion naira in upgrading the country's airport facilities, as part of the Ministry of Civil Aviation's specifications. This value represents around 36.5% of the 63.3 billion naira allocated to the Ministry's budget for the 2024 financial year.

21.0 billion naira should be spent on upgrading airports and aerodromes, including the extension of certain terminals, the upgrading of runways, the construction of administrative buildings, etc. 2.1 billion naira should be spent on the maintenance and repair of air navigation equipment.

However, the budget does not include an allocation to continue the Nigeria Air project, the new air carrier whose creation ran into major difficulties and was finally suspended.

For several years now, Nigeria has been implementing a program to modernize its airports, in order to improve infrastructure standards and turn them into regional hubs. The government had initiated the concessioning of the main airports to multinationals in order to attract foreign investors and reduce state investment. However, the procedure was suspended by Parliament in September.

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