MSC connects Africa's coffee industry to global markets
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Par Ibrahima DIALLO
18 January 2024 / 15:19

MSC is delighted to announce its participation in the next African Fine Coffee Conference, a key gathering for coffee professionals from around the world. Scheduled for February 6-10, 2024, the event will be held at the Millennium Hall Centre in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and will bring together experts, coffee growers, traders, roasters and industry players. As an important entity in global coffee transportation, MSC looks forward to engaging with industry peers, networking and deepening relevant discussions on current trends and progress in the African coffee sector.

AFCC serves as an essential platform for knowledge exchange, where MSC, as a leading player in container shipping and logistics, recognizes the invaluable opportunity to network with industry professionals.

It aims to better understand the distinct challenges and opportunities inherent in African coffee production, while fostering connections that can pave the way for future collaborations and breakthroughs.

After facilitating coffee exports worth over US$3.6 billion in 2022, Africa is a key contributor to the global coffee market. Ethiopia and Uganda topped the list, with exports valued at $1.5 billion and $813 million respectively.

MSC has played a part in this success, drawing on an extensive network of shipping routes linking Africa's major coffee-producing countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda to key markets in Europe, Asia and North America. Relying on ports such as Mombasa and Dar es Salaam, MSC ensures the efficient and punctual transport of coffee beans around the world, guaranteeing their freshness on arrival.

In addition to shipping services, MSC offers a complete range of logistical and logistics solutions that strengthen the African coffee industry. These include road and rail transport, warehousing, packaging, distribution, as well as value-added services such as quality control and traceability.

These solutions are instrumental in preserving the quality and freshness of coffee beans throughout the storage, packaging and transport phases, and MSC has a dedicated and experienced team that understands the nuances of this industry. It is the partner of reference for coffee exporters, with the following strengths:

  • Footprint in coffee-producing countries: MSC is strategically located in the regions that are most important for coffee production.
  • Food-grade containers:MSC mainly uses 20-foot dry containers that meet strict food safety requirements for transporting coffee. This includes additional services such as the supply of drying bags and a paper lining solution.
  • Weekly services: MSC offers weekly services from Mombasa, ensuring that your coffee shipments reach their destination quickly.

MSC recognizes the importance of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) in promoting regional integration and economic growth. It recognizes its role in aligning with the objectives of the AfCFTA, in which MSC's involvement in the African coffee industry holds promise for supporting trade expansion and regional economic development.

At the conference, MSC will address its contributions and commitments to the objectives of the AfCFTA, underlining its commitment to the growth and prosperity of the African coffee sector.




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