For Sogestran Logistics, a warehouse in Gennevilliers dedicated to urban logistics
Par Ibrahima DIALLO
20 January 2024 / 13:44

Sogestran Logistics' river-based urban logistics services in the Paris region have been enhanced by a new dockside warehouse in Gennevilliers. It completes the range of transport services offered by the boats that rotate between this port platform and two shared-use quays in the capital, and will enable further development.

Sogestran Logistics has inaugurated a new 2,400 m2 warehouse on the Gennevilliers port platform. The new warehouse will be used for warehousing, consolidation and preparation of goods, as part of the urban logistics services offered by this subsidiary of the Sogestran group, which specializes in multimodal river/rail/road transport.

Une chaine vertueuse. L’entrepôt complet l’offre de transport de logistique urbaine mise en place qui comprend :

  • Des automoteurs effectuant régulièrement des rotations entre Gennevilliers et deux quais à usage partagé dans la capitale : celui de Debilly (16ème arrondissement) et celui d’Austerlitz. Ceux-ci sont mis à disposition de Sogestran via une concession avec Haropa Port.
  • The boats (e.g. the Zulu 3) are equipped with an on-board crane, enabling loading and unloading operations to be carried out without the need for handling equipment on the quayside.
  • Post-haulage, or the "last mile" to the end customer, is carried out either by truck, by light commercial vehicles (primarily electric) or by cargo bike.

First shippers. This solution is already being used by several shippers between Gennevilliers and the two Paris docks, with round-trip flows.

These loaders include :

  • Furniture leader Ikea,
  • The OBD Grand Paris drinks dispenser in Paris and the Ile-de-France region.
  • Waste management specialist Paprec, for whom the Zulu 3 transports skips of waste from the port of Debilly to its sorting platform in Gennevilliers.

Soon a multi-customer shuttle. This is the model for "sustainable" or "decarbonized" urban logistics, in which the new Gennevilliers warehouse provides storage space for goods and makes it possible to consolidate and share routes.

This means that "Sogestran Logistics" will soon be able to offer a regular daily multi-customer shuttle service, starting in 2024", which has been a stated objective for some time.

Notre Dame de Paris. The first customer for Sogestran Logistics' new warehouse is the Balas group, one of the companies involved in the restoration of Notre Dame de Paris cathedral (contractor for the nave and roof).

For Alexis Chapolard, Director of Urban Logistics at Sogestran Logistics, "it's a source of pride to be able to store parts of the cathedral while waiting for delivery. It's a typical example of the advantages of river transport: being able to deliver materials right into the heart of Paris without impacting on traffic".

Decarbonization" advantage. In other words, river urban delivery meets the challenges of "decarbonization": reducing road traffic, CO2 emissions (transport by river boat emits 4 times less carbon than a heavy goods vehicle per ton transported), urban congestion and noise pollution.

Antoine Berbain, Deputy Managing Director of Haropa Port de Paris, insists on this point: "The new warehouse provides a concrete solution adapted to the needs of river-based urban logistics and last-mile deliveries from the shared-use Austerlitz and Debilly quays.

It strengthens the capacity to develop river services in the heart of the capital and thus contributes to the decarbonization of transport and the logistics chain on the Seine axis".

Shippers are also satisfied: just read what Ikea has to say after a year of regular use of river transport.

Clotilde Martin




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