Kenya's non-hydrocarbon exports to Uganda reached $644.1 million in 2023
Par Ibrahima DIALLO
28 January 2024 / 12:55

Kenya plays a key role in the supply chain of Uganda, one of the landlocked states in the Central African region.

The value of Kenya's exports to Uganda reached 105 billion Kenyan shillings (644.1 million USD) in 2023, reports The East African. Despite the loss in value of the Kenyan currency against the Ugandan, this figure represents an improvement on 2022, when statistics put export volumes at 80 billion Kenyan shillings.

Cement, iron, steel, cooking oil, wheat flour and other household products made up a sizeable proportion of these volumes, according to the authorities.

The value of exports in 2023 does not, however, include re-exports such as refined petroleum products, whose flows increased by 45% from Ksh 73 billion in the year to November 2022.

The 2 countries, which have a long-standing trade relationship, are also parties to the East African Community (EAC) free-trade agreement, which exempts EAC products from customs duties in order to boost trade.

It should also be pointed out that the two countries are currently involved in a trade dispute, linked to the import of petroleum products, after Kenya rejected a request from Ugandan operators for a license to operate and manage fuel imports into Kampala locally, forcing the Ugandans to fall back on the port of Dar Es-Salaam.

This dispute, which has intensified since the beginning of January, is likely to have a major impact on overall export volumes.

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