Discover Afrilog, Niger's logistics champion
Par Ibrahima DIALLO
7 November 2023 / 08:47

When it comes to logistics in Niger, Afrilog is the first name that automatically springs to mind. Indeed, it's one of the leading companies in the country's logistics sector. Founded in 201O, it is currently headed by Sidi Aghou, who has over 10 years' experience in international logistics and customs operations.

A member of Africa Logistics Network (ALN), the largest logistics network in Africa, Afrilog handles all logistics and customs aspects of shipments, and is active in Niger's main customs offices. The company is well positioned in the related fields of transport, transit, handling, consignment, warehousing and distribution.

It operates its maritime activities directly from the Port of Cotonou (PAC) and from Lomé, where it has two dedicated offices, towards Niger, which has no access to the sea. This allows Afrilog to be involved in hinterland transport on the busiest corridors in the region: Cotonou-Niamey & Lomé-Niamey.

Afrilog has acquired extensive experience and expertise in road haulage in the Sahel, with turnkey logistics solutions.

Afrilog has agreements with a number of airlines and agents located at major international airports. The company regularly carries out freight forwarding and customs clearance operations for its customers out of Niamey airport.

In short, from Niger and thanks to the international networks of which it is a member, Afrilog offers transport-logistics services for all destinations worldwide and for all volumes, whether groupage or full transport. It also guarantees its customers a high quality service with the utmost professionalism.

Contact :

Boulevard Mali Bero

BP: 11 983, Niamey NE.





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